What is a Frickle

A Frickle is a fried pickle.

Fried pickles by Those Fabulous Frickle BrothersMostly pickle chips but some folks quarter and fry the spears. The cut pickles are battered then deep fried in hot oil.

Every cook has their own batter recipe. (cornmeal,flour corn flakes etc) They are then dipped into a sauce (cooks choice) ranch, mustard, bbq, aioli etc.

The Fried Pickle origins are from the South. The original claim to fame is the Duchess Drive Inn located in Atkins Arkansas who fried them up back in 1963.   The Drive Inn was destroyed by an 18 wheeler who took out part of the building.   The original fried pickle recipe is still enjoyed though, every May for The 2 day Pickle Fest in downtown Atkins.

The Hollywood Cafe in Tunica Mississippi also claims to be the originator and continues to make those tasty fried pickles.   Their batter is a closely guarded secret.

Enjoy some yummy frickles from Those Fabulous Frickle Brothers

Whoever and perhaps someones Grandma fried them 30 years earlier does not matter.  These 2 locations are the commercial originators.   Cooks and home fryers across the States tip their hats and dip their pickles to our Frickle pioneers.

Frickles are now cooked up all over the southeast and can now be found in various locations around the country. Frickles are one of those Huh? what? foods.   Until you eat one, then two, then three and become a believer.   Click on What makes our Frickles Fabulous for our west coast pickle spin on things.

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